The Appellant was granted leave to appeal against the finding of the Commissioner under adjudication number 20A/2019. The initial complaint was based on a news broadcast that was aired on the 17th of April 2019 at 19:30. The broadcast consisted of an interview between the Appellant and the Respondent where the Respondent was asked to address some concerns regarding alleged racism. There were allegedly perceptions that the Respondent is racist and that the Respondent’s unique communal structure, where only Afrikaner people or those who identify themselves as Afrikaner can live. The interview was colloquial, and the Respondent appeared to have been able to put forward its version. The dispute however arose when the news reader, after the interview, made remarks where he insisted that the Respondent is racist, and that Black people are only allowed in the Afrikaner community as domestics. After considering all submissions from the Appellant and the Respondent, the Appeal Tribunal has found that the Commissioner was justified in her findings and the Appeal is not upheld.

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