Appeal against a finding by the Commissioner under Adjudication Number: 74/A/2018 that the Broadcaster did not contravene the Code. The complaint was based on a broadcast on the 17th of November 2018. The broadcast is a show called No Excuse: Pay Papgeld. The show deals with allegations of parents who refuse to pay child maintenance. The mode of operation is that the host of the show consults with the aggrieved parent who alleges non-payment of child maintenance and thereafter confronts the parent against whom the allegations are made. The confrontation is random and the confronted parent is not pre-warned about the allegations made against him or the impending confrontation. The Appellant herein was confronted by his ex-wife with the help of the host of the show on allegations of failing to pay child maintenance. Statements were made by the ex-wife and the host of the show about the Appellant’s alleged irresponsible behaviour. The Tribunal has found that the Appellant’s dignity and privacy were impaired and that the Broadcaster did not comply with Clauses 28.3.1, 28.3.2 and 28.4 of the Code. The appeal is upheld.

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