This is a complaint about the alleged infringement of the privacy and dignity of the Complainant by the flighting of a promo in which the Complainant is identified despite the fleetness of the scenes.  Scenes depicting confrontation between the presenter and the Complainant on private property, resulting in a free for all between wedding guests and TV crew, found to be impairment of right to privacy and dignity of Complainant.   In the judgment, the scope of application of clause 28.4 of the Code for Subscription Broadcasting Service Licensees is extended by legal interpretation to all broadcasts in which the privacy and dignity of individuals are being violated, not only in news broadcasts and broadcasting of comment on and criticism of actions and events of public importance.  Contravention of the Code found and the complaint is upheld.  A fine of R20 000 is imposed.

CLICK TO VIEW FULL JUDGMENT case number 04-2019