This is a complaint that the Broadcaster contravened the clauses of the Code of Conduct relating to balance in a programme where controversial issues of public importance are discussed, relating to comment and to dignity in a programme called “Leihlo La Sechaba”. The Complainant averred that insufficient particulars of allegations against it were supplied as to make it rationally impossible to respond and the Complainant refused to appear on camera until sufficient particulars were supplied.  When informed that the programme will be broadcast, Complainant applied for an interdict to stop the broadcast but failed.  When the programme which lasted about 23 minutes was flighted, it appeared that only about 38 seconds of it were devoted to 3 shots of a letter by Complainant’s attorneys. The Tribunal found that the Broadcaster did not fairly present opposing points of view.  The Broadcaster also did not express an honest opinion when it allowed the employees of the company to make false claims about an employer’s duties in terms of labour law. The Tribunal found that the Broadcaster impaired the dignity of the Complainant by broadcasting allegations of sexual harassment without allowing the Complainant the opportunity to respond to the allegations.  The Broadcaster was found to have contravened Clauses 12(2), 13 and 15(1) of the Code.  The Broadcaster was reprimanded and ordered to broadcast a right to reply programme.

CLICK TO VIEW FULL JUDGMENT  case number - 01-2019