A complaint was lodged by the Chief Whip of the ANC against the Broadcaster, ANN7, for broadcasting a news report in which the Complainant is defamed.  The news programme reported on a purported news conference by six ANC MP’s. From circumstantial evidence it appeared that it was no bona fide news conference because it was attended by only one broadcaster (the Respondent). The Tribunal found that the news conference was crafted between the six MP’s and the Broadcaster and that the news conference and broadcast thereof were intended to sabotage the Complainant’s political career.  Contravention of the Code was found because the Complainant was not offered the opportunity to reply to allegations (admitted by the Broadcaster), because the clause relating to news was violated and because the dignity of the Complainant was infringed.  Despite an apology by the Broadcaster, a maximum fine of R80 000 was imposed and the Broadcaster was ordered to broadcast an apology. 

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