A talk show programme on 702 entertained a discussion on the moral accountability of leaders. This debate was prompted by an earlier interview during which Mr De Klerk’s participation in a discourse about the future of South Africa was questioned. The first Tribunal held that Clause 13 was contravened as the presenter demonstrated intolerance towards opposing views and made no reasonable efforts to fairly present opposing points of views.  No right to reply was granted to Mr De Klerk or his spokesperson by inviting any of them to appear on a programme that was clearly intended to criticise Mr De Klerk.  It was found on Appeal by a majority decision that Mr De Klerk’s participation in any discourse 24 years after having stepped down as president is not of public importance, especially in view of all the political and economic exposés that are making hedlines on a daily basis. Clause 13 was therefor not applicable in this instance and consequently not contravened. The Appeal is upheld.

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