The complaint is against statements made by Ms. Karima Brown of 702 about the Complainant. The statement was about the “complete lack of integrity of a public official” (referring to the Complainant). It was found that these statements were not in violation of Clauses 5(1), 12(2) and 13 of the Code. While the statement may have subjectively hurt the Complainant, there was no violation of clause 5(1) since the interview and summary were of a significant public interest. It did also not violate Clause 12(2) since it was Ms. Browns personal opinions based on facts that were raised in the interview. It was not in violation of Clause 13 since the Complainant was given an opportunity throughout the interview to respond to the allegations against him. He was given a right of reply throughout the interview. The case ensures that presenters are allowed to ask questions of significant public interest, provided that parties are allowed the right to reply in the interview.

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