In criticizing what he regarded as the extremely poor performance of the national rugby team, a radiopresenter of the Respondent stated that the problem with the team is the “thick Dutchmen” in the team. At the commencement of a caller debate a few days later on what he had said, the presenter repeated that Dutchmen are “thick” and that the word “thick” was equal to “Dutchmen”. 

The Tribunal held that the repetition of the view amounted to the advocacy of a view which, in sweeping terms, degraded Afrikaans people.

 The complaint was upheld, the Respondent was directed to broadcast a summary of this finding, and the Respondent was fined R10 000, of which R5 000 was suspended for two years on condition that the Respondent not be found guilty of hate speech again during this period by this Tribunal.

[2008] JOL 22884 (BCTSA) / [2003] JOL 11620 (BCTSA)