A complaint was lodged by the Nova Property Group against the broadcaster of the programme RSG Geldsake. This is a programme in which business and financial issues are being discussed. The presenter mentioned, inter alia, that a reportable irregularity was referred to the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors by the company’s auditors. This obviously put the company in a bad light. The presenter stated that there may have been contraventions of certain legislation, and the complainant insisted that the presenter made the remarks with utmost malice and with the view to creating maximum damage to the company. The presenter did not state as a fact that there had been contraventions of legislation. The Tribunal found that the broadcast consisted of comments that were honest expressions of opinion made on facts truly stated or fairly indicated. No contravention of the Code was found and the complaint was not upheld.

CLICK TO VIEW FULL JUDGMENT case number 03-2020 Judgment