complaint was lodged with the registrar of the BCCSA against the Respondent for its broadcast of 10 March 2019. The broadcast pertained to allegations of racism against black people in the context of credit granting for low cost housing. The programme in question is a current affairs investigative programme designed to investigate and expose social ills. The Complainant submitted that the allegations made against it in the programme were false and it was not given the opportunity to reply. The Respondent argued that it made attempts to get a response from the Complainant, but upon speaking to the Complainant’s communications manager on the phone, it was deterred by her tone and concluded that the Complainant had waived its right to reply.  In the end, it is found that the Respondent contravened clause 12 (1) & (2) and 13(1) & (2) of the BCCSA free-to-air code of conduct for broadcasting service licensees.  The complaint is upheld.

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