The Complainant, a well known public figure and a head Pastor of Allelluia Ministries, posted a YouTube video where he ‘suspiciously’ resurrected a man from the coffin. This so-called miracle attracted global controversy over dubious religious practices. SABC 2 took interest in the matter and made an investigative documentary, offering the Complainant reasonable opportunity to state its side of story. The Complainant alleges that the Respondent failed to fairly present opposing views as it was not afforded the right of reply. From the correspondence between the parties, the Complainant evidenced a clear lack of interest to cease the opportunity and accordingly respond to the Respondent’s request of a face to face meeting. The Tribunal found that the Respondent made reasonable efforts to fairly present the Complainant’s version even though the Complainant refused to appear on camera. The Tribunal also found that the Complainant’s right to privacy and dignity, being that of a public figure, was overridden by a legitimate public interest. No contravention of the Code was found.

CLICK TO VIEW FULL JUDGMENT case number - 09-2019