Complaint against 702 regarding alleged tardy, inaccurate news reports concerning mass shooting in Las Vegas in Oct 2017, which allegedly perpetuated existing stereotype of link between Islam and terrorism. Balance in interview with expert was questioned, as well as interviewee’s credentials.  Tribunal held that 702 relied on information from international news agencies and in terms of journalistic practices and customs, the refutation regarding ISIS involvement was broadcast within a reasonable time bearing in mind that various sources, emanating over different time zones, had to be correlated.  Held that news reports were not inaccurate, and did not contain information out of context or information unnecessarily emphasised which could perpetuate existing stereotype.   Held that balance was irrelevant since interview was not a debate and that interviewee was qualified on basis of her work position.  No contravention of any of the applicable clauses of the Code could be found, and complaint was not upheld.

CLICK TO VIEW FULL JUDGMENT case number 25-2017