Complaints were received regarding a discussion between Martin Bester and Tumi Morake on the Breakfast Show on Jacaranda 94.2. about whether it is true that we are a rainbow nation after 1994 and that everyone is the same. Tumi used a metaphor to explain her feelings on apartheid. She compared it with a bully who takes someone’s bicycle on the playground and then expects to share the bicycle once it is returned. It was found that it did not glamorize violence or unlawful conduct based on race and neither did it incite violence or advocate hatred based on race. The matter that led to this discussion was not, in terms of the Code, of public importance with the result that Clauses 5(3), 12(1) & (3) were not applicable. If a matter of public interest is broadcast on a music station the same rules that apply to any station that broadcasts a matter of public interest will apply. “Public interest” in terms of law does not amount to that which is interesting to the public, but material which promotes higher values.