A complaint was received that the dignity of the Public Protector was impaired during an interview with her spokesperson on the Eusebius McKaiser show when the host exclaimed (about the PP) “ … or is she just useless?”  The complaint was also that the interview was conducted unfairly and that clause 12(1) of the Code, which entitles broadcasters to broadcast comments on and criticism of any actions of public importance, was contravened. The Tribunal found that the host did not exceed his right to freedom of expression and that the Complainant was not unfairly treated by the host. The Broadcaster did not contravene clause 13(2) which requires of a broadcaster to allow a person, whose views are to be criticized, a right to reply.  Lastly, it was found that the right to dignity of the Public Protector was overridden by a legitimate public interest, as determined by clause 15(1) and that there was no contravention of this clause.  The complaint was not upheld.