The Complainant lodged a grievance after his image was erroneously shown by the Respondent during a live interview with ANC Youth League (ANCYL) spokesperson, Matome Moremi on the 27th of April 2017. Matome Moremi has the same name as the Complainant which is the apparent reason for the error. The Complainant feels that the use of his picture jeopardised his image in that it affiliated him with the African National Congress (ANC) and he feels that political affiliation will have negative effects on his career and safety. There has been no actual prejudice that the Complainant has suffered, but his fear is based on victimisation that might occur in future. The Respondent subsequently broadcasted an apology, drawing a distinction between the correct picture of the ANCYL spokesperson, Matome Moremi and that of the Complainant. The Tribunal, after considering the provisions of Clause 15 (1) has found that the Respondent made an administrative error. No contravention found and complaint not upheld.

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