This is a complaint about a broadcast by Carte Blanche in which the Complainant, a public figure and television personality was portrayed not to be the person he claimed to be, namely a lover of big cats and conservationist, but in fact a person who ill-treated his animals. The Complainant alleged that the Broadcaster did not make reasonable efforts to fairly present opposing points of view and failed to provide him with the opportunity to respond to the allegations against him and that the Broadcaster also failed to exercise exceptional care and consideration in matters that involved the dignity and privacy of the Complainant.  From the correspondence between the Broadcaster and the Complainant it appeared that the Complainant refused to appear on camera and this caused him to miss the opportunity to present his side of the case.  He was thus the author of his own misfortune.  The Tribunal found that the Broadcaster made reasonable effort to fairly present Complainant’s version of the facts even though he refused to appear on camera. The Tribunal also found that the Complainant’s right to privacy and dignity, being that of a public figure, was overridden by a legitimate public interest.  No contravention of the Code was found.

CLICK TO VIEW FULL JUDGMENT  case no - 01-2017

[2017] JOL 38264 (BCCSA)