The Registrar received a complaint concerning a news broadcast by the respondent broadcaster in radiowhich it was reported, on the news and current affairs programme, that the complainant had been dismissed by the North West Province Office of the Premier following a disciplinary hearing that found him guilty of 7

[cases] charges of misconduct. The Complainant contended that such reporting was riddled with distortion and misuse of state resources. Also that such a report of him, being unable to participate on the news programme, was due to a certain politically motivated plot to implicate him. He was not given a right of reply as required. The Tribunal held that the complainant was given an opportunity to reply to his dismissal news, on the same news programme, within a reasonable time acceptable within the Code. Further, the Tribunal held that the complainant’s failure to adequately respond to all the issues that were aired by Motsweding FM on his dismissal cannot be remedied by the Tribunal, especially when an opportunity was given to him to set the record straight and he failed to do so. No contravention of the Code was found and the complaint was not upheld.