Three items, each a separate broadcast by a community broadcaster serving the Jewish community radioin South Africa, were complained about. In one case, balance was provided; in another, an aspect of a commentary was found to contain elements of hate speech but judged to not amount to a contravention of the Code, when judged as a whole. In the third case an insert from a Canadian broadcaster was held to amount to hate speech based on religion and ethnicity.

As a sanction the Tribunal issued a firm reprimand, cautioning the broadcaster that if a similar finding is made in future, a fine will be considered. One Commissioner, as an alternative, proposed that an apology be broadcast. The Constitution of the BCCSA, however, does not provide for the ordering of an apology. It does, however, permit an order that a summary of the decision be broadcast. The latter was not regarded as appropriate in this case.

[2014] JOL 33343 (BCCSA)