Complaint about a SABC2 sport commentator using a derogatory term when mentioning that runners were going televisionthrough Riverlea, which he referred to as a township where “AmaBoesman” live. The SABC conceded that the use of the word “AmaBoesman” was unacceptable and informed the Tribunal that a letter of apology will be written to the complainant.  Judged within the context in which the word was used, the Tribunal accepted the SABC’s actions to remedy the contravention.  It is clear that the word was uttered very spontaneously in a light-hearted way.  It was a spur of the moment comment with no negative intentions and certainly contained no advocacy of hatred that is based on race, and that constitutes incitement to cause harm. However, the word is so offensive to and derogatory of the coloured people as a group that a contravention of the Code was found. The complaint was upheld but no sanction was imposed in the light of the mitigating circumstances.

[2007] JOL 20338 (BCTSA)