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Case No - 28-2004 - e.tv - 3rd Degree - Eugene Terrblanche - Comment PDF Print Email

e-tv - 3rd Degree - Complainant Found Interview with Eugene Terreblanche Unfair

Active ImageA complaint was lodged against e-tv for broadcasting an unfair interview with the well known leader of the AWB, Eugene Terblanche. The interview with him was broadcast after he had been freed on parole by the Prison Authorities. It was alleged that the interviewer had been unfair to him and also put personal questions to him which contravened the Broadcasting Code.


The Tribunal reasoned as follows in rejecting the complaint:

The Tribunal is of the view that the interview, in spite of its hard-hitting questions and even personal questions, did not in any way contravene the Code. The incarceration of Eugene Terblanche was a matter of public interest and, in the interest of freedom of expression, an interviewer may ask the questions which are in the public mind. Is he “still a racist”, what are his plans for the future, has prison life changed him and the like. The allegations of a past relationship between Eugene Terblanche and a female columnist, were well known and were within the public domain and in the newspapers. There was no reason for Ms Patta not to have asked the questions pertaining to that alleged relationship.

JOL Ref - Hattingh v e.tv [2004] JOL 13244 (BCTSA)


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